If you would like to sign-up for a committee, click the Sign-Up link under the committee description. The following are standing committees of the Association along with the Chairperson and their objectives:


Chairman – Harley Miller, Miller Construction
Selects the location for the Annual Planning Meeting. The Committee also identifies a facilitator and reviews notes & outcomes of previous meetings in order to create the agenda for the upcoming Planning Meeting.
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Plans and executes annual Craftsmanship Awards Program. Helps to promote and get nominations for Craftsmanship Awards. Selects Judges to screen nominations and conduct site visits. Plans annual Craftsmanship Awards banquet and assists in encouraging member participation.
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Chairman – Fred Kaub, Universal Engineering Sciences  
Select dates, locations, arranges for prize donations, establishes fees and features for the annual fishing tournament. Assists in the promotion of these events and works to encourage membership participation.
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Chairman – Harley Miller, Miller Construction Company
Co-Chairman – Mike Fee, Lotspeich Co. of Fla. 
Select dates, locations, arranges for prize donations, works with the selected charities, establishes fees and features for the golf tournaments.  Assists in the promotion of the event and help encourage membership participation.
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Meets on a regular basis to discuss all association communications, including digital, social, print and mobile.  Review and evaluate Association’s website, newsletters, magazine, social media communications, etc. providing recommendations as to content, security and style guides.
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Chairman – Randy Farmer, CEMEX
Reviews membership criteria, structure, and dues levels. Develops both new member and retention goals.  Plans activities to reach objectives and increase membership. Helps to develop a comprehensive prospect list and set up personal contacts by members.
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Chairman - Mindy Szarowicz, Baker Concrete Construction
Co-Chairman - Randy Farmer, CEMEX
Plans and implements monthly networking breakfasts with the overall objective of providing a mean for members to get to know members. Identifies and contacts general contractor member sponsors for each event.  Identifies and contacts subcontractor and supplier members to sponsor monthly "Membership Mixers".  Develops, plans and assists in the executing social events throughout the year to provide interaction between members, while providing non-dues income for the Association.
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Works to identify areas of safety concerns on South Florida job sites.  Coordinates periodic meetings of member Safety Directors to discuss challenges of OSHA's C.A.R.E. initiative.  Communicate ways to improve job safety to the membership.
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Chairman – Justin Lord, Central Broward Construction
Co-Chairman – Alex Smith, Verdex Construction
Will work to gather all information that is available in the Tri-County area, for current and running apprenticeship programs in order to publish this information on the CASF website. The committee will be able to point to who, what, and where a potential apprentice can go in order to sign up and join these programs and distribute this information through the website and other media to current members of CASF. 
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Chairman – Jennifer Jaikissoon, BrightView Landscape Development
Meet on a regular basis with individuals under 40 years of age to empower Young Leaders through professional development, educational opportunities, and valuable networking with peers and other CASF members.
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Chairman – Valerie Edwards, Luks, Santaniello Petrillo & Cohen
The CASF Women’s Council is dedicated to supporting the professional development of women in the commercial construction industry. The Council is made up of women from many construction-related businesses, from builders and subcontractors, to providers of services involving insurance, real estate, legal and financial matters. The Council provides its members with educational and networking opportunities, industry recognition, and a means to show support for the building trades and our communities.
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